Keynote @ Innovation Booster New Mobility

Date(s) - 28.02.24
17:45 - 20:00

Porsche Zentrum Zug

The New Mobility Innovation Booster synchronizes academia, industry, and politics to develop systemic mobility solutions in Switzerland, enabling faster implementation of mobility aspects in the 2050 Climate Strategy and the 2050 Energy Transition. It provides an infrastructure for creating and testing new mobility solutions, expands nationwide sector coupling, and creates new optimization and business opportunities for sustainable mobility. By identifying and supporting pilot projects aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, the IB accelerates the shift towards sustainable mobility. IB facilitates the development of MVPs through funding, methodologies, and a nationwide ecosystem, and unites stakeholders to collaboratively create innovative solutions using an open innovation approach.

Our Vision

In the Innovation Booster New Mobility Lab, we’re catalyzing Switzerland’s 2050 Climate Strategy by fostering synergies between academia, industry, politics, and society. With a focus on early-stage startup financing and open innovation, we aim to fast-track systemic and sustainable mobility solutions, driving the nation towards a climate-neutral transport future.

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