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2nd Annual Global Forum on Connected Cars:

The Road Ahead

Thursday 5th – Friday 6th March 2020

BERLIN – Germany

Conference Programme




Dr Haytham Mohtasseb, Senior Engineering Manager, Data/Cloud/Voice, Daimler AG

Matthias Mohlig, Director and Co-Head of MyJourney Business Line, BMW Group

Martin Beltrop, Senior Director Portfolio Management, Nokia

Per Lindberg, Senior Manager Connectivity, Volvo Car Corporation

Anders Wall, Chief International Officer, GreenMobility

Rodrigo Caetano, Global Business Development – Autonomous Solutions, Scania Group

Theo-Han Jansen, Head of Connected Services, Maserati

Christian Kessel, Head of Automotive Practice, Bird & Bird

Ed Rochfort, Managing Director, Carrot Insurance

Deborah Newberry, Head of Corporate Affairs, Kennedys

Ian Plummer, Commercial Director, Auto Trader UK

Nick Piggott, Project Director, RadioDNS

Seiya Ohta, Director, Global and Strategic Studies, Advanced Design and Innovation @ GTT Product Design, Volvo Group

Gideon Bullock, Head of UX and Product Design, Toyota Connected Europe

Nick Mavrokordatos, Associate Director Mobility & IoT Services, Tata Communications

Philippe Vigneau, Vice President, Business Development, TRANSATEL


DAY ONE, Thursday 5th March


Chair: Invitation to:


08.15    Registration and Welcome Coffee


08.50    Opening Address from the Chairperson




09.00    OPENING ADDRESS: A New Ecosystem for Global Connected Cars: The Essential Ingredients of Dynamic Telematics

With the rise of technological innovation and advanced connectivity capabilities, the principle of the connected car offers significant, wide-scale benefits. The modern, in-vehicle experience must be designed for seamless connectivity and digital content, and provide an integrated, but familiar experiences for the on-the-go consumer.  This session looks at how to build a connected ecosystem ready for now and new innovations to come:

  • How a harmonized and innovation-friendly global policy framework impacts development
  • How can collaborative partnerships and initiatives be effectively coordinated to embrace integrated solutions
  • Providing 4G connectivity and a new array of services via telematics
  • How innovative ecosystems will support the growth of connected cars via smart cities, security and other vehicles

Invitation to: Stefano Candido, Global Mobile Connectivity for Connected Cars programs, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles      


09.30    KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Power of Digital Transformation & UX Design as A New Priority for The

Connected Automotive Sector

Connected and autonomous car development requires the close interaction between product, design and technology.  The product magic that can happen when they’re brought together effectively requires a deep-rooted understanding of lean product development and culture change.

This session will give greater insights into the UX process and best practices of strong digital transformation:

  • How do you invest in creating a new process, culture and mindset at the same time to truly transform an organization
  • What are the key conditions for success to avoid OEM’s wasting investment to the detriment of the customer experience and the business
  • Managing team dynamics with disruptive technologies
  • Profit and ROI strategies for all members of the design and production

CONFIRMED: Gideon Bullock, Head of UX and Product Design, Toyota Connected Europe

10.00    POWER PANEL: How Can We Make 2020 the Year of Exponential Growth: Getting Every

Car Connected

There are many reasons why connectivity in the car is likely to become ubiquitous over the next decade. In-car connectivity can be enabled for a range of different applications and using different technologies but at what price? This keynote discussion analyses not only how fast in-car connectivity will grow over the next few years, but also what type of connectivity will eventually become predominant. Gain a clearer picture of the true opportunities (and risks) faced by the ecosystem from telecom to car manufacturer industry:

  • Pinpointing the three disruptive triggers that could eliminate many of the barriers that have prevented embedded telematics from succeeding:
  • Telematics mandates
  • Pricing models
  • Decoupling Apps

CONFIRMED: Per Lindberg, Senior Manager Connectivity, Product Strategy, Volvo Cars

CONFIRMED: Matthias Mohlig, Director, BMW Group

CONFIRMED: Theo-Han Jansen, Head of Connected Services, Maserati


10.45   Speed Networking

11.00   Morning Coffee & Networking




11.30 SPECIAL ADDRESS: Connected Vehicles: Navigating the Top 5 Legal Issues

There are two distinct dimensions to the development of the connected car. One is how our cars become linked to and an extension of the relationship we have with our mobile devices, and the other is how the automotive industry becomes part of wider technological advances typified by developments such as electric vehicles, autonomous cars and smart cities.  This session examines the legal enablers and constraints facing the industry.  Discover a way to anticipate barriers:

  • What are the key emerging regulations which regulate testing and deployment of autonomous and connected cars?
  • How do autonomous vehicles give rise to new liability issues? The adoption of legislation at EU level would provide clear parameters for the development and implementation of ITS
  • Cyber security – the threats to connected car data and services
  • Cars as socially networked devices: Driver distraction and allocation of liability

CONFIRMED: Christian Kessel, Head of Automotive Practice, Bird & Bird


12.10 SPOTLIGHT: Overcoming Barriers to Connected Global Growth: Data Sharing, Consent, Privacy and Security

Collaboration is key to safe regulation of autonomous vehicles and It is clear that a cross-industry and state-led collaborative effort will be required to create the infrastructure and environment for autonomous vehicle technology to be developed, to accommodate public perception and to put public safety front and centre. Key research findings and global insights:

  • What are the key differences globally of automated adoption
  • EU and global regulation
  • What is the range of automated travel and predicted growth of those segments
  • How much is public trust a barrier
  • What are the issues around non-support: judgement, privacy, costs
  • Examining safety of data and privacy

CONFIRMED: Deborah Newberry, Head of Corporate Affairs, Kennedys


12.40 Lunch and networking




14.00 FOCUS SESSION: Capitalising on the realm of autonomous mobility: a take from a heavy

commercial vehicle manufacturer in the value chain

The big question for this sector is how to capitalise on the promises of exponential technologies amidst so many uncertainties and unknowns. This session takes a big picture look at what are doing to make the most of them in the context of connected and autonomous vehicles:

  • Which solutions have the greatest potential to reshape the future of business?
  • What does it take to get the public to adopt a new technology which is promising to transform the public transport of today?
  • What are the key factors which will make autonomous and connected vehicle services profitable?
  • What’s the clear sight on the current technology status and the trends based on the latest developments and investments?

CONFIRMED: Rodrigo Caetano, Global Business Development – Autonomous Solutions, Scania Group

14.30 MVNO FOCUS: CONNECTED CARS: The Mobile Virtual Operator Approach Is The New Paradigm –Who Controls The Connectivity?

For car manufacturers, gaining full control over the connectivity solution embedded in their vehicles  is a strategic opportunity.  This is the key issue for the connected vehicle ecosystem. The mobile virtual operator approach is the new paradigm.), the main differentiation factors on the market will be the connected experience and the service applications provided to customers. This session will examine the best options for connected car manufacturers going forwards:

  • How the MVNO approach can enable car manufacturers to unleash innovation and maximize the potential of connected services, as well as the income these services will generate
  • Going it on your own vs partner with companies who can help them build an optimized and scalable connectivity solution
  • Operator lock-in situations,
  • Multiple and complex integrations,
  • Lack of flexibility and agility,
  • Security issues

CONFIRMED: Philippe Vigneau, Vice President, Business Development, TRANSATEL


15.00   Afternoon Coffee and Networking Break






15.30 The Internet of Vehicles: The Core of Modernization Possibilities

Mobility platforms and transportation are creating new business and technical challenges driven by scale data capture and processing. The new complex ecosystems are now being enabled by AI and IoT.  This session will help delegates manage this information alongside relevant metadata and offer ways to support your key stakeholders and monetize services.  Build a blueprint to:

  • What are the key challenges and solutions to managing massive amounts of data now and in the future
  • Key regulatory and data protection compliance tools
  • Balancing your business model with the technical limitations on data management

Invitation to: Apostolos Kousaridas, Senior Research Engineer, Huawei Technologies 5G


16.00 DATA POWER PANEL: The Connected Vehicle: Big Data – Bigger Opportunities

Estimates state that the average connected car will produce up to 30 terabytes of data each day. Hidden in this data are vital clues on the performance of the vehicle but also powerful data on customer sales and usage insights.  The possibilities for harnessing and using this data are endless.  This panel will explore how to use big data to better engage with the driver experience and gain a stronger competitive position and new revenue opportunities.

  • How will cars, machines, humans and AI systems collaboratively work together across various platforms?
  • How to select the best platform and device management systems
  • Winning the battle: Seeing IoT as a business project and not IT-only
  • The role of AI and Data in Machine Learning around connected cars

CONFIRMED: Dr Haytham Mohtasseb, Senior Engineering Manager, Data/Cloud/Voice, Daimler AG

Invitation to: Apostolos Kousaridas, Senior Research Engineer, Huawei Technologies 5G



           Empowering Cities and Citizens with All-Electric Car Sharing

  • Electric car sharing services: improving infrastructure and city life
  • Empowering citizens with electric mobility
  • The future of all-electric car sharing

CONFIRMED: Anders Wall, Chief International Officer, GreenMobility


17.00 CLOSING ADDRESS: The Big Picture – Unlocking the True Potential of Connected Cars

  • Changing customer demands and service expectations: rethinking manufacturing
  • Connected cars and IoT – what are potential areas of market growth?
  • What are the newest developments: products, devices, technologies?
  • Customer adoption: its opportunities and challenges
  • Key standardization and regulatory challenges: how this might affect future growth and adoption

CONFIRMED: Nick Mavrokordatos, Associate Director Mobility & IoT Services, Tata Communications

17.25 Chair’s closing remarks and End of Day 1


17.30   Evening Drinks reception

Nearly all automotive companies have entered the race towards highly automated and autonomous cars. Yet many challenges are still in the way of having a vehicle that can recognize objects, localizes itself and make intelligent decisions. The 2nd Annual Connected Car Summit will focus on the areas of advanced business models, revenue streams, partnerships, big data processing, sensor fusion and machine learning, in particular, how to fast-track your development in this dynamic market in Europe.


With presentations from top leaders in this field, interactive panel discussions and many networking opportunities this conference will give you insight into the latest developments and available solutions for the next generation of connected vehicles.

Join us for our 2nd Annual Global Forum on Connected Cars: The Road Ahead and enjoy high level networking, best practice benchmarking opportunities and an agenda which offers innovation to all connected and automotive car stakeholders.  This is a uniquely focused agenda and a chance to be part of a dynamic new programme of leading disruptors across the ecosystem.