Mobility is a basic human need. Digitization supports us in this, ensuring the mobility of people,
goods and data in a more intelligent and sustainable way – as the basis for our prosperity,
our quality of life and our personal autonomy.”

Dr. oec. Hans-Peter Kleebinder, Independent Expert for #SMARTMobility #SMARTCities #MaaS

Who is Hans-Peter Kleebinder?

Hans-Peter Kleebinder is an independent expert for mobility (#SMARTMobility, #SMARTCities, #MAAS), brand, social media and influencer management with 24 years of experience in sales, marketing, communication and customer support at BMW, MINI and Audi in front of and with customers and fans.

His topics

#SMARTMobility #SMARTCities #MaaS #CHINA

#Transport #Traffic #eMobility #Dieselgate #Mobilityplan #AutomotiveIndustry

#AutonomousMobility #MICROMobility #AIRMobility #CustomerDrivenMobility #Blockchain&Mobility
  • How do we live, work and move in the future? 
  • Which technologies will become important and what does this mean for people?
  • How do SMARTMobility and SMARTCities influence our economy and our quality of life & autonomy?

His theses

  • (Our) mobility is a basic need. Mobility must not become a privilege.
  • We have a mobility problem, not a diesel one. Driving bans are wrong & ineffective
  • The Dieselgate was a wake-up call for VW and a great opportunity for customer enthusiasm.
  • Can the German car industry still be saved? Who are the new mobility players?
  • How do we manage the traffic turnaround? What does the mobility plan for the future look like?
  • In the future, it will be about the mobility of people, goods and data.
  • Digitalization is the basis for client centrics and forces companies to radically focus on their customers. 
  • The days when the car was a status symbol at the front door are passing.


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What the market says

With his visionary impulse keynote “Social Media: Changing the Rules of Sales and Marketing”, Hans-Peter Kleebinder gave us valuable thought and action impulses at “ProSiebenSat.1 Marketing CAMPUS. His shoulder-gaze from practical experience in the automotive industry, his strategic derivations and recommendations for action have inspired our team”.

Oliver KempferHead of Brand Management, ProSiebenSat.1

I have known Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder for over 30 years. Already during his studies it became clear that he has a distinct feeling for and understanding of future trends. In this respect, he developed new visions for the rather conservative automotive industry at a very early stage – both conceptually and practically for two leading automotive groups. Today, everyone talks about mobility, connectivity and intermodal solutions in discussions about transport. Hans-Peter Kleebinder has been doing this for a long time as a creative and lateral thinker and is once again ahead of his time. He is therefore a first-class sparring partner and consultant with a clear focus on the user’s perspective. One can profit outstandingly from his practical experience, his passion for new topics and his ability to inspire and motivate humans. Anyone who needs answers to the question of what will move us and the next generations in the future is at the best address with him.

Christian BöllhoffCEO, PROGNOS AG

Hans-Peter has accompanied and supported me as a founder and entrepreneur since the start of my company in 2002. With his expertise in brand development, digitalization and market development, he has helped shape the success of our brand.

Hans TaubenbergerFounder & CEO of Toni Sailer Sports

Hans-Peter Kleebinder is a top speaker, an innovative forward and lateral thinker and an international mobility expert. I got to know and appreciate him in the Professional Speaker GSA certificate course, which he completed with verve and commitment as the best of the year. At the beginning of the year he was a guest at my exclusive Salon Z in Vienna, Austria. With his keynote and visionary views of the future, he completely inspired the demanding guests, 150 top managers and personalities from Austrian politics, business, culture and the media. He not only stands for an eloquent presentation style, but also for detailed and knowledgeable answers to complex questions. His unbelievably relaxed manner inspires even his greatest critics – because his subject is highly controversial. Hans-Peter Kleebinder can move people and convince them with his experience and enthusiasm I can only recommend Hans-Peter Kleebinder and would book him again immediately.

Markus SchindlerCEO, Pantharei-Advisors